Abusix Mail and Web Intelligence (Zetascan)


Technical Documentation

September 2018

Zetascan was created to facilitate the real-time lookup of IP, Domain and URL threat data into various applications and services. Currently there are dozens of various domain, IP and URL data-feeds available to developers. Many of these feeds are available free of charge and others have a paywall if certain query levels are exceeded. This abundance of data has created its own set of problems with trying to incorporate multiple data feed into a solution:

  • Many different formats and feeds and scoring values;

  • The overlap between data feed providers in the content listed (IPs & URIs)

  • The absence of normalized metadata related to the IPs or Domains.

Our clients and partners asked if we could build a solution that would reduce the complexity related to accessing and using threat data. Zetascan now offers multiple methods for querying a vast array of threat data with a modern API’s to enable fast integration into virtually any application or service.

To start, sign-up for a developer key by sending an email to test@zetascan.com. Once you account is activated, just add Zetascan into your web-apps and mobile applications. A free trial for 5,000 API queries per day is available for a two month period.

Possible uses of Zetascan are fraud prevention, blocking malicious probes, blog spam filtering, DNS RPZ scanning, DDOS Botnet prevention, and general safeguarding of web sites and applications. The threat data can be used in both open source and commercial resolvers, firewalls, mail servers, routers or combination UTM devices.

Multiple technology partners are developing plug-ins for e-commerce (Prestashop, Magento, WooCommerce), content (Wordpress, Magento, Wix), firewalls (PFSense, Monowall), NAC (PacketFence), Routers (Mikrotik), with many more to come. For additive anti-spam protection, you can integrate Zetascan with SpamAssassin, rSpamD or other spam filters via DNS, as well as with many third party plugins. Developers can use one of four available API calls over HTTP/HTTPS.

A new section of Zetascan.com website will start to list these plugins and deployment guides as they become available.